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Next Game: November 20, 2016 at Dann's

October 2, 2016: the party entered a hallway with two doors. One leading to a bar and the other leading to what seemed to be
some hellish dimension. Ignoring a handwritten note from an unkown author, they decided to enter the bar where they
encountered patrons of various types and a bar keep who seemed to be very helpful. Talking to several of the patrons they
decided to go forth on the rightmost door (of four that were offered.) They found a room with four humanoids who were on fire
carrying an idol of some sort. Skipping that room, they encountered four mummies who occupied a room with a mysterious sarcophagus.
They found that the sarcophagus was a some sort of shape shifting device. Picking the gold coins off the floor, they continued onward.
They entered a large arena meant for some sort of combat which would allow them to proceed forward. Forward apparently is not a word in
their vocabulary, so they returned, finding another chamber with three coffins protected by a stone construct.
Rather than try anything new, they returned to the mummy room, opened an urn from which Hazim summoned a dust devil, which caused most
of the party to run. Hazim and Xylum were beaten like twin red-headed stepchildren. The dust devil was dispatched by Fang, an 8-inch Victor
and Olaf. Returning to the room with the humanoids on fire, Tikal opened the door and seemed to be paralyzed.

November 13, 2016:
Martis recovered Henry as he cowered in a room with a friendly (seemingly 18yo male).
Both Hazim and Tikal were not up to the task for fear of an unspeakable badness. Martis marched his cohones forward and recovered Henry.
The party then decided to attack a harmless group of ogres on a picnic. A party that they quickly dealt with, much like Hazim dealt with dwarf children.
Dispatching the overmatched ogres, brought the attention of a giantess, armed with a giantess bow. She impaled Xylum first, followed by
Martis who was happily attacking lifeless ogre bodies. After considerable damage, the party persevered against the lone woman opponent. Sad. #RealTrump
Finding a magical doorway, much of the party decided it would be a good idea to follow the lead of the intelligence-challenged Henry to his "home town"
through that magic doorway. Investigating the town, they found it was Henry's "home" without any inhabitants. The decided to find a way out but were
stopped by some barrier that kept them from leaving. Tikal and Olaf found a operator's guide to the doorway and the rest of the party decided to
recreate a Larry, Moe and Curly rouine repleat with Hazim wandering around with an arrow stuck in his guts.

Stay tuned for next week's episoe when the party begins a pie fight, eye gouges and starts slapping each other.